To list the new arrivals of Airwheel technology product in the first half year of 2016

In the very beginning of this year, Airwheel, the world leaders in manufacturing intelligent transporting vehicles, showcased its four new products, including S8 double-wheels electric scooter, S9 service robot, Z5 electric standing scooter and C5 intelligent helmet. In these months, all of them had got great achievements. Several months later, a new series came out. E6 e-bike appears with spectacular shape and performance.

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Up to now, Airwheel has owned totally seven main series of self-balancing electric scooter or skateboards, they are X series electric unicycles, Q series twin-wheeled electric scooters, A series saddle-equipped scooter, S series electric walkcars (new arrivals include S8 and S9), Z series two wheels electric scooter (new member Z5), M series electric air boards and E series e-bike (E6, a new series recently), and there is also the C series intelligent helmets involved in Airwheel.

In terms of the several new arrivals, they are really practical and portable for daily commuting and bring convenience to users. These new products show their special prowess. So to a certain extent, they alter the lifestyle and concept for transporting and people is more likely to accept and welcome the new and fashionable way. This can be called a great contribution made by Airwheel.

These new products will finally be popular all over the world since they can be applied in various occasions. On the one hand, their appearance will not produce any pollution, so it is a green and environmental way. On the other hand, it helps in easing the crowded traffic. If more and more people realize riding Airwheel electric scooters, skateboards or bicycles, other than their private cars, is a good behaviour, our earth will be cleaner than before and harmonious than before.

Through years of accumulation, Airwheel grasps the core science and technology. Together with the relentless pursuit of details, it has enriched the production line. In the future, Airwheel will keep faith and guide this industry into righteous rails.

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