High Quality and Heat Resistant Ceramic Components for Industrial & Non-Industrial Use

XIAMEN, CHINA - offers a variety of ceramic based industrial and non-industrial products such as the Zirconia ceramic components, ceramic blades, full-lined ceramic ball valves, ceramic tubes, ceramic igniters, ceramic precision balls, metalized ceramics for vacuum and many more. The metalized ceramics for vacuum are wear and corrosion resistant and come with good electrical insulation. They are also known for their features such as low dielectric constant and high mechanical strength. They are used in or as water resistant inserts, pump seals, insulating washers or bushings, semiconductor components, automotive sensors, aerospace components, electrical insulators and many more.

The Zirconia ceramic blades are known for their high toughness, bending strength and are abrasion resistant. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the ceramic blades here is close to steel and that is why it is widely used in the form of incision tools, fan axes, nozzles, ball valves, zirconia moulds, wearable knives and other accessories. The ceramic blades are non magnetic and have no electric conductivity at room temperature. They are non corrosive and resist to strong acid or caustic substances. They are better than the forged metal knives and offer better efficiency when used as culinary tools for slicing meat, vegetables, fruits or bread.

The ceramic igniter is compact, light in weight and energy efficient. It also offers Zirconia ceramic components good thermal efficiency, withstands high temperatures, comes with high watt density and offers high cost performance. These igniters are used in different types of heaters in a variety of semiconductor, medical and the automotive industries. The ceramic precision balls are available in standard sizes as well as custom made sizes. The ceramic tubes are widely used in high temperature and high corrosive industries such as thermal power plants, cement plants, metallurgy, mining and others. At customers can find a variety of industrial ceramic components and products that can be customized according to their requirements.

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Fuboon International Co., Ltd., based at Xiamen, China is a supplier of advanced Ceramic Igniter for Wood Pellet Stove ceramic products and a wide range of products made up of precision ceramics for a variety of industrial and non-industrial purposes.

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