Fortiva is Universally Recognized Industry Leader with Over 13 Million Customers

Atlanta, December 20th, 2013- Fortiva Financial, a premier credit lending and second look loans company is now a universal leader in credit lending facilities. The company, which has severed more than 13 million customers, has a turnover of 15 billion dollars in receivables. With more than 15 years of experience in financing, Fortiva Financial has a range of customized and optimized credit lending facilities with special credit score assessment calculators for increased credit approvals for clients. The company offers an array of financial products and services, including furniture financing, credit loans, medical financing and retail partnerships, making it a global giant in credit lending sector.

The spokesperson elaborated, “At Fortiva Financial, our primary endeavor to provide increased chances of credit approval for applicants and customers. Currently, strict credit lines have resulted in business losses and reduced expenditure for businessmen and customers respectively. In fact, more than 75 million Americans are unable to get adequate financing. That’s why we aim at providing increased credit approvals for clients. This ensures affordability and is mutually beneficial for our retail partners and businesses that can benefit from loans offered by Fortiva. Second look financing, vendor financing has become easier.”

Fortiva Financial currently used multiple credit scores, including Fico, Vantage and proprietary Fortiva scores to classify which customers and applicants are at lesser or more risk than the others. Through the use of different assessment techniques, Fortiva is able to classify different clients, resulting in approval of more candidates. Company’s clientele has grown vastly over the last few years because of its optimized range of financing furniture, credit lending, medical and retail financing and other services. The company also has special vendor financing services with automotive funding, training and online application processing facilities. Apart from providing personal and business loans, the company provides a range of complementary services such as quality monitoring, record keeping, branded financial products and progress update facilities for different customers.

The spokesperson added, “Since the economic turmoil, more than a trillion US dollars have been removed from the market. That’s why after 2008, people are experiencing difficulties securing credit and loans. The current score of an average American is below 660, which is considered subprime for securing loans. We at Fortiva Financial understand the market and risk, therefore we assess customers and applicants on different score cards to ensure whether or not they are fit for credit lending services.”

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With more than 15 years of experience, Fortiva Financial is known for providing credit to individuals with bad scores. They are known for their variety of credit score mechanisms and personalized loan provisions. The company offers special finances for furniture, medical facilities and retail financing.

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