Batch Photo Face Enables Users To Perform Face Detection Most Efficiently introduces an efficient application that holds the capacity to automatically identify faces in photographs and can perform the task of and image processing.

The Batch Photo face detection application can process files in three distinct modes. The manual mode can perform photo processing, operated manually. Then there is the automatic mode that holds the capacity to monitor and accomplishes the task of photo processing automatically and without manual efforts. As for the 3rd option which is the Triggered mode, the task of processing is accomplished by a mechanism that initiates on some specific events. Users can select between the mode as per the need and discretion.

This unique face recognition application holds the efficiency to identify faces across thousand of photos and can process the photographs, based on the outcome of the detection test. Based on the result of the detection test, the application will take up different procession actions. The application can rotate the photos automatically, depending on the position of the face as in the original photograph. Users get an extensive option of 130 filters that they can select while conducting the processing task. The best part is that the application can be run on systems, even without internet connectivity.

“Our face detect application is truly unique as users can make it from the way it functions. It searches for images and can select as well as process the photos that feature faces. This application can automatically rotate the position of the face to give the best orientation to the processing task. Aside, our application features the capacity to crop photos automatically to the size of the largest photograph. This feature comes highly beneficial for processing portraits. Our application will enable the users to apply the most aesthetic creative effects to the faces” stated the spokesperson.

About Batch Photo Face
Batch Photo Face is an application for face detection and image processing that enable users to apply the most creative effects on the faces in the photos.

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