The construction requirements for the art-level power coating paint

China – For all of these consumers who have high requirement for their ordered powder paint, the high quality artistic powder coating could totally meet with their need. This kind of fine powder coating paint has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high three-dimensional sense, good decorative effect and other characteristics. However, there are many strictly requirements for the g process of this painting products. Today, the technician from famous China powder paint supplier CHINA POWDER COATING will introduce with each clients these strictly requirements.

The input pressure for powder dusting should not be too large and the generally level could be controlled within 0.5 to 1.5kg/cm2 as well. Too much air pressure will easily cause into poor pattern and some unclearly points. In addition to the controlling for the air pressure, the voltage for the electrostatic should not be too high which could be generally controlled at about 60 to 70Kv. If the voltage is too high, these attached powders on the surface of the working object will occur the rebound phenomenon.

Secondly, each operator needs to pay more attention to the thickness of the coating powder in the spraying process. Generally speaking, the thickness of the coating surface should be ensured at generally between 70 to 100¦Ìm. This thickness level could be help to form the clear small pattern and larger pattern . However, the pattern will not be formed if the sprayed film is not obvious and it will also have pitting defects exposed at the end.

The curing for the sprayed surface must be baked at a predetermined temperature and time. If the temperature is too low and the curing time is too short, it will cause into failure forming for pattern while the not completely cured will also greatly reduce the mechanical properties. In addition, due to the special nature of the production process of art-type pattern powder paint, the spraying for the recycled powder will change the pattern surface so it is generally recommended that the recycling art powder could not be used again.

By the viewing from above information, people could find that there are many more stringent requirements for the construction for the spraying of the powder coating colors but it could be believed that as long as people control the coating process factors above the final better effect will be easily got.

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