Migrate Lotus Notes Contact to Office 365 without Any Loss

Migrate Lotus Notes Contact data to Office 365 for a variety of reason. Sometime it can be to use new features of some other advance platform or it may be to move to a consistent platform from a conflicting platform. Implement an app to migrate Lotus Notes Contact to Office 365. By Lotus Notes contact migration we mean the entire contact information move to Office 365 including address, fax number, telephone number and emails address. Personal group contact including group member details from the system address book.

Benefits of Transferring Contact of Lotus Notes

  • Migrate Entire Lotus Notes Contact to Office 365 User Accounts: Use the app that migrate the entire contact to Office 365 and compatible to work with all the version of the Lotus Notes.
  • Remain Contact Meta information intact: It will save entire Meta information of the contact as it is to Office 365.
  • Facilitate Speedy and Accurate Contact Migration: It makes easy and accurate migration of the contact in new cloud based Office 365 environment.
  • Lasting Migration Ability to transfer Unlimited Contact: It moves unlimited data of Lotus Notes contact into Office 365 with lifelong ability. 
  • Easy to Understand for Novice User: Involves no complexity and technicalities thus it can be easily understand by a novice users.

Careful Inspection before Migration of Lotus Notes Contact to Office 365

When businesses are shifting from Lotus Notes to cloud based Office 365 environment. The main focus is on how to migrate IBM Notes contact into Office 365 as the contact are very important as it contain all the contacting details of the employers or worker. Contact migration can be done manually but for an enterprise-wide contact data it will become complex and take more time to migrate Lotus Notes towards Office 365. Hence it needs an excellent and secure tool to perform perfect migration.

  • Choose an app that will not abort contact migration in between.
  • App that migrate entire data of the Lotus Notes address book  into Office 365 along with the Meta data of the contact.