North Texas SS Tech Services Strengthens Customer Support With Zoho CRM

PRESS RELEASE: Grapevine TX, 22-JANUARY-2014 - SS Tech Services and Shelby Staffel are proud to note that they have improved and expanded customer support capabilities with the addition of Zoho CRM. The Dallas/Fort Worth computer services tech firm has always placed the needs of the customer first. This new feature in the 24/7 support package provides additional transparency to the customers. SS Tech Services is better able to identify priorities and to assist clients in resolving problems quickly.

Shelby Staffel, computer services firm representative, "We realize that clients depend upon properly operating IT services around the clock. The addition of Zoho CRM tracking to our existing services is a way to ensure that our customers get the support they need to be back in operation quickly. The Zoho tools are described at . The SS Tech Services client creates a support ticket using telephone services or an SMS. Tracking is available in real time for all service requests."

"Our customers have direct access to all archived service requests from January 1, 2014" he continues. "More information about the software is available at Our customers are able to use Cloud Telephony with in browser calling and can view archived solutions for quick resolution to problems we have seen before."

Zoho assists clients to chat with technicians instantly. There is no waiting for time-wasting call-backs. Reviewing the available solutions may solve the problem. If not, the support staff are ready to step in for the issue resolved and the firm or organization running at full capacity again.

Learn more concerning the range of services and solutions offered through the Grapevine computer support firm by going to the web pages at today. Press corps members and others who want to know more about the content of this release are urged to direct questions to Shelby Staffel at the location described below.

Contact Name:Shelby Staffel

Company Name:SS Tech Services

Address:2100 W Northwest Highway 114-1043 Grapevine, Texas 76501

Contact Phone Number: (469) 844-3430