Compare Gourmet Coffees With J. Martinez's Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Sampler

For the true coffee fan, there is nothing better than comparing the subtle differences in flavor between single estate coffees. Experience this for yourself with J. Martinez's Jamaica Blue Mountain sampler.

ATLANTA, GA, June 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- J. Martinez & Company Coffee Merchants encourages you to taste and compare the unique flavor profiles produced by three of Jamaica's finest coffee estates by purchasing its Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee sampler pack.

The J. Martinez & Company Blue Mountain sampler contains 4 ounces of whole roasted beans from Jamaica's Clifton Mount Estate, RSW Estates and Wallenford Estate. Each of these estates produces coffee with the renowned smooth flavor and low acidity of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, but each possesses its own distinct flavors as well. Wallenford Estate's coffee has floral overtones, whereas Clifton Mount Estate's coffee has chocolate notes throughout. RSW Estates' coffee offers an additional taste of sweetness.

These subtle variations in flavor come from small differences in the composition of the soil at each estate. Just as a burgundy wine from one vineyard is different from another, coffees from different estates in the same region different in their flavors.

The coffee gurus at J. Martinez & Company noticed that coffees from different estates had unique terroir characteristics in 1988. They crafted their coffee import business around the concept of focusing on offering gourmet coffees from single estates to the delight of coffee lovers everywhere.

Because J. Martinez & Company wishes for everyone to try the superior flavors of single estate coffees, it is offering free shipping via USPS parcel post for a limited time on its Jamaica Blue Mountain sampler pack. When you check out, enter the discount code "JBMSAMPLER" to get your free shipping.

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About J. Martinez & Company:

Established in 1988, J. Martinez & Company is an Atlanta-based purveyor of fine coffees and other gourmet items. J. Martinez & Company originated the concept of single estate coffees more than twenty years ago and still carries only the finest premium coffee beans from estates around the world, including Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and Kona coffee from Hawaii.

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