Digital Cherry Enhances its SEO services to Clients

Digital Cherry, UK’s top provider of online marketing services with over ten years of experience in the field helps companies improve web visibility by enhancing their SEO services to help clients adapt to Google’s algorithm updates.

[UNITED KINGDOM, January 7, 2014] – Digital Cherry, one of the UK’s top providers of online marketing services, is enhancing its SEO services to help companies improve web visibility and adapt to Google’s changing algorithms. The company believes that maintaining search relevance is a full-time occupation and without an expert to constantly check the rankings, a website will be left behind.


The goal of Digital Cherry’s SEO is to keep a website relevant to the algorithms Google employs to keep the client at optimum exposure.

Digital Cherry analyses the website, and incorporates the key words and phrases, which consumers would most likely use when searching for a type of service or product. The SEO experts also assess company rivals and competitors in line with the key words and phrases they have determined for the website, and compare it to the top performing websites in the field.

After Digital Cherry determines where the site stands in the rankings they will be able to recommend a solution to push it higher. According to the company, they employ a variety of methodologies for varying situations, such as different technology solutions that provide tangible opportunities.


Digital Cherry believes that companies need professionals to continuously monitor their internet rankings, or else see a decline in their results over time. Search engines such as Google constantly change its search algorithms to provide users with relevant search results.

Further, Digital Cherry believes that constantly working and improving results based around key word strategies is how an online marketing firm should work to be successful in the ever challenging digital world.

About Digital Cherry

Digital Cherry is one of the UK’s top providers of online marketing services. Based, in Birmingham, the company offers the best possible solutions for digital marketing needs. The team specialises in web design, SEO, graphic design, and video production. With over 10 years in the industry, the company has worked with big names and brands, including Ford, Honda and NASA.

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