Cbeyond’s Darrell Davis Serves as STEM Champion at Bob Mathis Elementary School STEM Day

With the belief that “it’s never too early to interest young minds in technology”, Cbeyond's Darrell Davis recently served as a STEM champion in an Atlanta-area elementary school. 

Every year in May, Darrell, who works on Cbeyond’s National Sales team, participates as a guest speaker at Bob Mathis Elementary School’s STEM Day , providing students with a glimpse into the technology industry and technology careers.

“Children are definitively more interested in technology and cloud services when you show examples that they are aware of such as YouTube and Instagram,” Darrell said.  When speaking to children he shares a video of Cbeyond’s cloud data center and informs them that some companies, similar to those app companies, use Cbeyond’s data centers to store information for their business.

He says he attempts to keep the presentation light and fun, focusing on items that are familiar to children of their age. This year, Darrell discussed the history of cell phones, sharing with the students that some phones were made before they were born, and those phones didn’t have a camera or the ability to text. The students were wowed!