Tsunami Worldwide Media signs Ava St.Pierre Cogburn a Humanitarian, Pageant Titleholder, Beauty and Fashion Industry Insider, pens her tell all memoir; “DO NOT CRY FOR ME”

New York, NY- March 13, 2015- Making a difference has been a continued theme and a constant in Ava St.Pierre Coburn’s life; through pageantry, charities, community service and her continued works. With over 28 years’ experience in the Cosmetics and Beauty Industry (L’Oreal, Revlon & Maybelline), the Pageant and Fashion Industry, her purpose is to promote “True Life” platforms that make a difference. Her next adventure and chapter will be penning her life memoir.

With winning various Titles - Mrs Texas America 1989, Mrs Colorado United States 1994, Mrs Colorado USA 1995, Top Finalist Mrs USA 1995, Colorado World International 2012 and Top World Finalist 2012; Ava continues to represent these titles globally through empowering others to achieve their hopes and dreams.  

 Ava made a choice to develop her memoir “DO NOT CRY FOR ME”, which she is currently in the process of writing, in memory of her father who was both a loving dad and mom.  Through the writing of her memoir it’s important to Ava to promote on a personal platform two Causes that have affected her life deeply. Mental Illness Awareness; as her Mom was institutionalized with this disease when she was a small child.  Secondly, Prevent Child Abuse Colorado; as Ava was one of seven children that was physically and mentally abused.

Sadly, Ava lost a little brother due to her mom’s mental illness and abuse. At times of reflection, unfortunately, the stigma of embarrassment and shame still exist as a child of abuse, its Mrs. Ava St.Pierre Cogburn’s hope that with the telling of her own tragedies and incredible triumphs in her memoir “DO NOT CRY FOR ME”, she will be able to reach out to those who have suffered abuse and who may still be suffering. 

“I knew in my first conversation with Ava that hers was a story that had to be told, a true story of survival and grace under pressure, one that will heal others while bringing awareness to these key issues, she is one of the most authentic and dynamic individuals that I have ever known. Our firm looks forward to finding a home for her memoir and we are honored to represent her and champion her humanitarian works.” states Melissa K. McComas; CEO of Tsunami Worldwide Media.

 Ava St.Pierre Cogburn knows that as adults we must show through actions the importance of empowering children, our family, friends, strangers and ourselves with life’s purpose and giving back.  That sharing this important tradition that used to be something we just did, now must be taught as this fast paced world continues to roll along. Her “True Life” Platforms encompass Empowering The Children – Prevent Child Abuse, Live With A Purpose – Advocate Volunteerism & Fundraising and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Drawing from her own personal life experiences she encourages sharing a positive and purposeful outlook with children who are going through hardship due to child abuse or similar hardships, creating opportunities of Volunteerism through the labor of love.      

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