B.R.A.G. Launches “Que Bolá!”, the First Guide to Information and Slang of Cuba

Los Angeles, California, 30th January 2014 - B.R.A.G, a young and innovative company, has officially launched the first Guide to Information and Slang of Cuba, called “Que Bolá!”. The authors Brayan R. Abreu G., Sonja Raaste and Renier Cordero, after a long period of research and recompilation, have created the only printed guide existing in the market about the Cuban slang. But that is not everything; “Que Bolá!” also offers varied and useful information, perfect for those planning to visit Cuba.

“Que Bolá!” is a trilingual guide, with Cuban terms translated into universal Spanish and English, making it the first and only one in this format! To improve and enhance communication between the people of Cuba and the world is one of its main goals. Its broad content distributed into 23 chapters makes it even more fun and interesting, which will help visitors have a memorable and pleasant stay, improving their communication with native people. It will also help Cubans who were not born on the Island to improve their Cuban slang vocabulary in different areas of life. And for those who already know their slang, reading the book will make them travel back in time, remembering unique moments. Summarizing, it’s a very useful book for all lovers of Cuba and its people.

Cuba is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean, rich in culture and traditions, which attracts about 3 million visitors per year. The island is a preferred destination by many from around the world due to its tropical climate, beaches, colonial architecture, music and people. Spanish is the official language in Cuba, but even knowing how to speak it won’t be enough to fully understand the natives. That’s why “Que Bolá!” was created, a book that encourages tourists and Cubans alike to learn and understand the fun and particular language of Cuba. It contains varied information on sayings and proverbs, sports and games, food and drink, music, dancing and parties, transportation, explicit terms, customs, religion, fun illustrations and crosswords that will test the reader’s skills. In other words, you will never be bored with this book in your hands!

Currently the book is available on the official page at an affordable price, ideal also for those that are on a budget. To learn more about World of B.R.A.G. visit us!

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