Affluent Wealth International Protects Californians’ Wealth Regardless of Possible Economic Bust!

Affluent Wealth International Shows How to Protect Assets, even as Governor is worried that California, which averages one economic boom and one bust a decade, could falter again soon.

Los Angeles, CA. August 11, 2015. Though it appears to be raining money into the California budget coffers for the time being, are we headed for the predictable bust that occurs every 10 years?  Affluent Wealth International, Inc. is all about making sure that regardless of the economic climate in the Golden State, the wealthy remain that way.  Affluent Wealth International is a unique, proven, educational process that takes individuals or corporations through their acquisition of wealth, and more importantly, the protection of their wealth.

Everyone has a dream and for many, their dreams were suffocated or just plain lost by the everyday realities of life.  Mortgages to pay, kids to send to college, downsized jobs...none of those things contribute to someone realizing a long held and nearly forgotten dream.  Wealth can mean something different to every person you ask to define it.  Whether you want an outrageously luxurious yacht made by Feadship, the leaders in customized yachts or simply a vacation home in Costa Rica, all nice things cost money.  The insiders' knowledge one learns at Affluent Wealth International is the kind not available to normal or non-wealthy individuals.  That's because normal people don't have access to the circles of influence that the wealthy deal with daily.  Affluent Wealth International Teaches the Unspoken Language of Wealth...and it does so on your schedule and your timeframe.  

The wealthy have their own special set of rules and those rules allow them to live the lifestyles they believe they're entitled to.  Wealth is not for a "preferred class."  It's something attainable to anyone who is willing to commit the time to earning it.  Affluent Wealth International is privy to those rules and is willing to share it with those "normal" people who want a whole lot more for themselves and their families.  You may have noticed that there are more millionaires in the U.S. than ever before.  The simple truth is that it's a lot easier to make millions than to keep them.  Affluent Wealth International shows people how to protect the lifestyles they've achieved so that no catastrophe or crisis that befalls them can take that life away from them.  THAT kind of knowledge is more than worth having.  Visit us at Affluent Wealth International, Inc.  Direct inquiries to