Super-Fast MPLS Networks from Wavenet

Wavenet UK enhances its services through improved and super-fast Multi-Protocol Label Switching networks. Wavenet’s clients will experience a supercharged connection technology that delivers information over a secure, private network.

[SOLIHULL, January 06, 2014] – Wavenet UK enhances its services by offering an improved and super-fast Multi-Protocol Label Switching network. As a result, businesses can now experience a supercharged Internet connection technology that delivers voice, data, and video anywhere over a secure, private network.

Wavenet UK understands that businesses need secure and reliable connections to sustain smooth operations, whether involving the Internet or an over IP (known as VoIP) telephone system. This is the driving thought underpinned the improved, cost-effective, and even safer alternative to sharing data and applications between remote employees, departments, and offices. Through the MPLS network systems, companies can continually restructure operations, improve efficiency, and lower the costs of ownership.

MPLS for Any Business

Wavenet UK’s MPLS technology transmits information across multiple sites seamlessly. The technology allows clients to create their own multi-site private network that is fast, reliable, and easy to manage. This makes it better than the traditional connections, which proved to be costly and too complex to implement and maintain.

Commercially, MPLS can help businesses gain an edge over the competition by turning IT into a competitive advantage rather than a cost burden. This affordable solution has great benefits for companies that require any (or all) of the following:
-    Significantly reduced networking costs
-    Anyone-to-anywhere connectivity (i.e. meshed or partially meshed network)
-    Ability to prioritise numerous applications and connections
-    An infrastructure that can quickly adapt to future business needs
-    LAN-to-LAN or WAN-to-WAN connection over private networks
In summary,Wavenet UK’s MPLS network helps clients reduce capital expenditure and operational expenses of both building and operating separate network infrastructures.

About Wavenet UK

Wavenet UK is one of the leading nationwide Unified Communications providers in the UK. They have a carrier-class network infrastructure and team of professionals and technical experts working to provide best-in-class business communication products and solutions.
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