Bearing maintenance category

When the bearing problems, the first idea should be check the maintenance, and not to replace. The types of bearing maintenance generally has the following three:

1. The breakdown maintenance: in bearing failure occurs, inspection and maintenance downtime.

2. Regular maintenance: in order to guarantee the normal work of the host, according to the requirements of the host and the design of the bearing theory and experience, set up a maintenance cycle and preventive maintenance.

3. Warning: maintenance using advanced SKF bearing fault diagnosis technology,Bearings Limiting Speed the use of bearing state real-time monitoring, forecasting is put forward, in front of the bearing failure for repair.

Bearing in the process of operation, there must be sound, such as temperature and vibration phenomenon. Maintenance for the operation of the bearing, therefore, can hear, touch, and using the methods of bearing fault diagnosis instrument found bearing changes, according to the change of state judge whether the bearing is in good working condition.