CRB Tech reviews would like to talk about blog commenting over here.

Two major factors that are considered to be vital from the site ranking perspective are back linking and on page SEO. Generally, article marketing campaign is the funda used to build back links. Indeed effective, but it is a slow process. On the other hand, let us look at another easy method to generate back links.

Whether it is an older site or a newer one, blog commenting happens to be one of the easy methods to get back links. If implemented effectively, this can make sure that the backlink graph would remain constant or rise as time progresses.

Here are a few important things as far as blog commenting strategy is concerned:

  • Driving traffic

  • Connection creation

  • Creating backlinks

Today, we will investigate blog commenting strategy from creating backlinks. What’s more, yes, there is a major contrast between commenting on each blog and blog commenting by keeping SEO on your agenda. The thought here is to produce more backlinks to enhance page rank, enhance domain authority and MozRank.

How to go about blog commenting?

  • Find right post to comment:

Search for Popular Post Widget or Maximum Commented Post Widget. Pick one of the blog entries from the widgets, ensure the Page Rank of the picked blog entry is high. Pick the blog post to remark on, likewise. For the most part there you’ll locate the right high PR blog post to remark on. It’s not the Page Rank of that blog landing page that is working out for you. It’s the autonomous Page Rank of that specific blog post which will help you to bring the back-link to your site.

On the off chance that none of the widgets are available, search for the Blog Archive. Presently, oily elbows are all that you have to seek down the right blog entry to comment on. Suppose the general blog Page Rank is 7. At that point there must be some blog entry having a Page Rank one not exactly the general Page Rank of that blog. Implies, hunt down a blog entry having at any rate Page rank 6 and continue to read and commenting.

In spite of the fact that you can comment on these posts excessively to get back-links, if and just if, your sole reason is to get back-links. But at the same time, it’s recommendable to remark on new blog entries as well, for a sound discourse and a tremendous surge of web traffic, yet to do that, you ought to know How to be the First to Post a Comment on a Blog-Post. Well back to the point.

If a blog has these characteristics, then it is best for commenting:

  • Must be renowned one.

  • Keyword Luv Enabled.

  • Comment Luv Enabled.

  • Latest comments widget.

  • High page rank etc…

Helpful web services for blog commenting:

Ahh! In the event that you are searching for those services which offer blog remarking services, then you are at wrong place. One reason, why these services are not prescribed (unless you require quick link building in limited time), those comments life is not long and generally they utilize services like scrapebox and some rundown to remark on. Rather, we ought to concentrate more on genuine websites, which is not going to bite the dust after some time and we can expect great traffic too over the long haul. At any rate, how about we concentrate on the primary strategy and discovering best comment empowered blogs to snatch backlinks.

One of the free services recommended.

DropMyLink – DropMyLink is the best blog commenting service, utilizing which viewers can without much of a stretch locate the appropriate blog to comment, be it an .edu blog, .gov blog, CommentLuv plugin empowered blog and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Simply sort in your Keyword and select the blog kind you need to search, rest DropMyLink will work like Google to speak to the best results for you to appreciate Blog Commenting.

A tool to measure blog power

SEO Quake – Compatible for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, this is one tool required to keep a watch on the site’s advance, it’s backlinks, how well the website is getting along in searches.

  • Identify do follow blogs to comment on:

Either utilize DropMyLink to seek do-follow blogs to remark on or install SEO Quake and set it to underline the no-follow links. Once introduced, it will highlight the no-follow links. On the off chance that it’s not highlighted, then this is a blog which merits your time and a decent remark. Be that as it may, keep in mind to experience the above-said blogs to comment on agenda as well.