Humphrey & Brand provides real estate selling, purchase, letting and management services

United Kingdom, May 31, 2014: Buying and selling real estate property can be a tricky business. Humphrey & Brand is a real estate agency that strives to make deals related properties simpler and more beneficial for it s clients. Even those who are well versed with the formality and technicality that are involved property deals can benefit from services of the estate agents Surbiton. The agency does not only interface and streamlines the process of sales and purchase but also emphasises maximisation of benefit for its clients. Besides, its membership in Property Ombudsman is assurance of the legitimacy of the agency.

Humphrey and Brand acknowledges that buying, selling and letting property is a big deal for majority of people. Owners want to get deserved benefit while buyers or renters want to get full value for money. That is why the agency presents various perspectives of a deal and offers honest advice that is free of technical jargons so that every client can understand the details easily. The customer support offered by the agency is unrivalled by any other agency in Surbiton as Humphrey & Brand emphasise merging personalisation with professionalism. The agency employs staffs who have decades of experience of property transaction and extensive professional knowledge of properties local to Surbiton and its neighbourhood.

Humphrey & Brand employs professional lettings agents Surbiton provides assistance at every stage of the process with the highest level of integrity, commitment and sensitivity. The standard of service offered by the agency is evident from the fact that its clientele is mainly of customers who consulted for one deal and were impressed by the performance of the company. People who need consultation on real estate can click here to read more about the company and customer feedback. The services of the agency are equally beneficial for buyers and tenants as time is precious for them. Humphrey & Brand agents do not persuade or convince customers about what is appropriate for them and let them mention their opinion first.

The characteristic feature of the services of Humphrey & Brand is the liberty and freedom to customers to decide what they need or want. Genuine advice is offered if the customers are confused and seek help. In addition to that, customers can also seek professional property and financial asset management service from the agency. It charges between 1% and 2% of professional services fee but allows customers to decide the exact amount in the range. Indeed, it is a unique provision of the estate agency.

About Humphrey & Brand:


Humphrey & Brand is a real estate agency located at Brighton Road in Surbiton, Surrey. It provides professional assistance for sales, purchase and rental of properties. The agency offers professional property management services too. It is a member of Property Ombudsman.