Abney Review: Green Solutions, Double Furnace Solid-Fuel Fired Steam Boiler

Dreamwidth - With this steam boiler, one gets the advantage of having a double-furnace design, that is, two furnaces for firing and two individual flue paths going to the outlet of the boiler. With this feature, you can operate only one furnace during partial loading condition, saving energy for the business. Likewise, using only one furnace allows user the freedom to clean one furnace, including tubes, while operating the other one.

An additional feature of this type of steam boiler is its two reversing chamber design providing amazing fuel saving compared to double-furnace types which only have a single-reversing chamber and single I.D. fan

This steam boiler has a capacity of 1000 kg/hr. to 6000 kg/hr. and also utilizes solid fuel of any form, from coal, wood, bagasse or lignite. With its much larger capacity, this has great potential use in medium and large manufacturing operations.

The additional versatility of this steam boiler allows Walia Boilers to capture a wider market of boiler users in the global community.