Amanda Berning Signs Deal With Harris Management

Harris Management is pleased to announce that it has signed the talented actress and voiceover artist Amanda Berning to a management deal.

Berning is the brand voice for Mattel's new doll franchise called "Ever After High." She will introduce the entire 35+ doll line commercially which can be seen on all major kid networks. She has also voiced several video game characters and lent her voice to an audiobook that will come out later this year. In addition to voice-overs, Amanda has been recognized for her role in the short film produced by CharM Productions called Lie With Me which has one several awards at various film festivals and was most recently awarded "Best LGBT Short."  She is also the lead in an educational PSA for distracted driving which has been distributed and viewed within most school systems in the United States. She is clearly a talent on the move.

"Signing with Harris Management is an exciting step for me," Berning said. "I am looking forward to working with them and taking the next big steps in my career."

Berning will be managed directly by HM's Tara Kurtz. She is represented for voiceover work by Kazarian, Measures, Ruskin & Associates (KMR).