Weddings in India although greatly dependent on the 'mahurat' are also sometimes dependent on the season. People are increasingly choosing dates and venues depending on the season of the place, especially if it’s a destination wedding. Since not many people opt for a “monsoon wedding”, here are a few IWS tips on the kinds of food you should feature on your menu in case you’re having a summer or winter wedding.

For a summer wedding

If you’re looking to have a summer wedding, you need to keep in mind the obvious heat even when it comes to your food menu. When it comes to drinks, opt for cooling, citrus-based beverages like fresh juices, mojitos and beers, and make sure your guests have permanent access to cold water. The most important thing to remember is to have drinks and food that are light, fresh and minimally heat-inducing. For appetizers, go light with sandwiches/paninis and if you’re looking to go Indian pani-puri is a good option too.

The main course can consist of light, non-saucy pastas like aglio olio, pizzas and maybe even steamed fish with a fresh cold salad. Make sure that the main course items are not completely meat or sauce based as those tend to be heavy and warm. 

When it comes to deserts - mini ice cream cones, snow cones, etc are the best option.

For a winter wedding 

On the other hand, when it comes to a winter wedding the process is exactly the opposite. Because the weather is cool, you need to concentrate on having foods that bring up the heat. So when thinking of drinks maybe you can try flavoured teas, whiskey, vodka or even Irish coffee – anything that is known to be warm.

The appetizers and main course for a winter wedding should be meaty, starchy and warm. You could try soups, barbequed vegetables and meat or even fried pakoras for starters. The main course could be a roast meat or grilled fish, sauce-based pasta or even a bake. 

Winter deserts would ideally be something baked like soufflés, brownies, mini cupcakes, etc.

Don’t let the season of your wedding limit you, there’s a lot you can do with the food in these categories. Like we said earlier, keep in close contact with your caterer for more options and better feedback on what you can do. Happy planning!