Tucson Residents Now Have a One Stop for Eye, Skin and Foot Care

Tucson, AZ (September 3, 2014) Individuals can now get health care from head to toe at Tucson’s Newest One Stop Health Care Center. Head to Toe Health Care PLC provides health care for those with eye, foot and skin problems.

The health care centre has proven to be a hit with clients due to its super convenience. Patients now have fewer excuses for ignoring certain health issues as they can get eye, foot and skin therapy under one roof.

The podiatry department, headed by Dr. Alan Shih, focuses on orthotics, heel and nerve pain, ingrown and fungal nails, fractures, sprains and reconstructive surgery for bunions, spurs, hammer toes and bumps. The center is also home to Tucson Neuropathy Institute, where Dr. Shih treats various forms of peripheral neuropathy.

The optometry department is lead by Dr. Zie and provides help to patients suffering from eye conditions such as glaucoma, red eye, blurry eyes, allergic conjunctivitis and allergy eyes. An optician is also readily available in this department in the selection to offer assistance in the selection of eye glass frames.

At the helm of the skin care center and glo-therapeutics department is Katie Adams, who provides therapy to retard aging and hyper pigmentation. A visit to this department may well provide an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Head to Toe Health Care Center has a number of satisfied clients. One happy customer had this to say, “Doing treatments at Head to Toe for my feet and legs have helped me very much. I have noticed a big difference. I would recommend everybody to get these treatments.”

To book an eye care or foot care appointment, visit Head to Toe’s website at or call 520 545 0202.

About Company:

Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC was formed in order to fulfill its founders’ desires to alleviate ocular and podiatric pathologies. Head to Toe Healthcare aims to be the finest clinical facility for optometry and podiatry in the greater Tucson, Arizona area – and the first clinic in the region to offer both medical specialties under one roof.