Northwest Software Technologies Celebrates 30 Years In Business

Everett, WA (September 1, 2015) – Northwest Software Technologies, Inc., the pioneering and leading developer of event fundraising management software designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, today celebrates its’ 30th anniversary in business.

"Today our corporation celebrates a milestone that few software publishers in the computer industry achieve, thirty years in business. Our goal is simple: Using our uniquely designed data management tools, processes and techniques to help nonprofit organizations achieve their financial goals and fund great causes through the art of event fundraising," commented Jack D. Wilson, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Software Technologies, Inc. "Solid data management tools that not only manage the basic preparation of an event but facilitate strategic analysis and planning, like Auction-Tracker®, are key to a nonprofit’s long-term financial growth and success while keeping their events competitive. We set ourselves apart from the competition by listening to the end-user, the nonprofit community at large and proactively responding to their needs."

To date Northwest Software's software application suite and related services have helped to successfully manage thousands of events in five countries, raising over $3.5 BILLION dollars.

About Northwest Software Technologies®
Northwest Software Technologies, Inc. is the pioneering and leading provider of fundraising event software to the non-profit sector in the U.S. and Canada. More than 2,000 organizations – including the Children’s Hospital Guilds of Seattle, JDRF International (Canada), Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Holt International Children’s Services, Junior Leagues, Kiwanis and Rotary International – worldwide use Tracker-Series applications to manage fundraising events. Northwest Software Technologies, Inc. offers four software applications for fundraising event management: A’Thon-Tracker™ for sponsor-based pledge type events, Auction-Tracker® for fundraising benefit auctions, Banquet-Tracker™ for fundraising banquets and Tournament-Tracker® for benefit golf tournaments. Founded in 1985, Northwest Software Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Everett, Washington with international distribution offices in Canada and Australia.