Male Organ Pop-Ups - 10 Things to Do with Unwanted Wood

A naturally red male organ is a happy male organ; when that blood rushes into the organ, it becomes flushed with excitement, gets firm and is ready for action. Unfortunately, a man’s male organ thinks with a mind of its own and keeps its own schedule, and this which may not always be the same as its owner’s. A guy may think that popping an obvious boner in the middle of an important presentation is not the best idea, but his male organ may just not give a rap about his opinion on the matter. Of course, frequent woods are a sign of good male organ health, but that still doesn’t mean the unwanted ones are welcome.

Are they really “unwanted”?

Some men would argue that there’s no such thing as unwanted wood. They’re male organ-proud and unashamed; if they are sporting wood that is tenting their pants, it’s just an opportunity for them to celebrate their maleness. What do they care?

But not every man is so comfortable with spontaneous woods. For these men, the following suggestions are offered for dealing with a pop-up male organ.  (And no, these are not meant to be taken seriously!)

1. A man who has spent a great deal of time preparing a knock-out presentation doesn’t want his excitable trouser snake to steal the limelight. Instead, he makes it part of the show by whipping it out and using it as a “pointer” to draw attention to salient facts in his presentation. It will definitely make it memorable.

2. When a man finds himself tumescent when undressed with other men – in the locker room or the sauna, for example – he can look for a similarly endowed man and challenge him to a swordfight.

3. Tumescence while washing the dishes gives a man a perfect place to hang his drying towel.

4. It’s also a handy place to hang a piece of laundry to dry.

5. A woody and a flashlight are all that are required for endless fun creating shadow puppets: male organs lend themselves especially well to creating giraffes, trees and missiles.

6. In the right circumstances, unwanted wood can be a guy’s ticket to proving himself a hero. If the dam has developed a little hole or the boat has sprung a leak, a solid wood is a handy way to plug it up and save the day.

7. That wood can be a lifesaver if a man is a modern-day David facing a new Goliath. Who carries a slingshot nowadays? Nobody. But if a man puts a rock on his hard male organ, pulls it down as far as it will go, then releases it, then he has a built-in slingshot.

8. If the wood occurs during a fireworks show, a man can simply pull it out. It’s so red and cylindrical that people will assume it’s just another roman candle for use in the show.

9. A man who is a stage magician has it easy. He need simply paint his male organ black with a white tip. If it becomes hard, he can pull it out for use a spare magic wand.

10. A man who is especially gifted in the male organ length and firmness department can use that unwanted wood when in a pool hall. It’s bound to work better than a traditional pool cue, as a male organ is on much more familiar terms with how balls roll.

A healthy red male organ is more often welcome than not, of course. And maintaining good male organ health is crucial for every man. The regular use of a high quality male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is an excellent way to maintain that health. Men should look for a cream that includes vitamin C, as this is an important structural component of blood vessels. As well, the cream should include a powerful antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, to offset harmful oxidative processes that can affect the male organ.

For additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ, visit: John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.