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Charlotte, NC (May 19, 2014) – is one of the most trusted and reliable courier services in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, United States. With its on-time service delivery the company has been able to fulfill all the requirements and needs of the customers. The company is responsible for any kind of delivery and is extremely friendly and trustworthy. The Road runner courier service presents professional and personal services and greatly values the business of any clients. Due to the huge popularity the company is rapidly growing in the Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

The delivery service of the company is available at reasonable prices and the company offers a discount of 15% for the first delivery. On the website and social media the Road runner courier service offers several discounts periodically. The company with its reputed website has a live, friendly person who sorts out all the questions of the clients and efficiently gathers any kind of required information.

The company was built upon a Christian foundation and was founded in Charlotte, NC. It was built with the intention to provide equal opportunity employment and serve the local community. It is considered as one of the fastest growing companies in Carolina as the Road Runner Courier Express has greatly expanded its territory. always has a 5-star rating customer service and the company builds a strong relationship with the clients. Any kind of challenges is promptly handled by the workers of the company and with the customized, on-time deliveries there are no service delays.

The various kinds of delivery services which are performed by the Road Runner Courier express are the Corporate Couriers, Industrial Shipping and Medical Deliveries. The dedicated team of the company understands the confidential needs of the customers and they are very time sensitive. With over 10 years of experience the company operates under Christian principles. The courier and Shipping orders of the company are friendly and effective.

Some of the well known services of the Road Runner Courier Express are the dedicated deliveries, Scheduled Deliveries, Mail Pick-Up, Pharmaceutical, Direct Rush and many others.

About is one of the reputed courier service companies in the Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information the customers can visit the website at    

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