Patient Care in a Time Crunch: Do Medical Answering Services Help?

As new patients flood into doctor’s offices around the country, doctors and their staffs will soon find that they don’t have the amount of time they previously had to handle every case. Between answering phones, scheduling appointments and seeing every patient, efficiency and quality of care are starting to go into decline. Short visits take a toll on the doctor-patient relationship, which is essential to the healthcare process, according to Kaiser Health News. Finding the best way to manage your time will allow your practice to improve the quality of care for your patients. A physician answering service helps you get back to what is most important: seeing the patients in your office.

Strengthening the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship between a patient and his or her doctor is a crucial component when it comes to healing. Being able to talk through medical issues and get information on how to recover from an illness or injury helps people lead happier healthier lives. Unfortunately, due to crowding and time restrictions doctors are unable to spend significant time with a patient. This results in more patients being given prescriptions rather than achieving a behavioral change, like a dietary adjustment, that can be more effective. When your staff is busy answering the phones and you are using your time to respond to patient emails and concerns you are unable to provide more meaningful care.

The Benefits of Medical Answering Services

By investing in a physician answering service you will achieve improvements in efficiency in every area of your practice. Benefits of using an answering service to free up your staff include:

·         Increased Productivity – A full-service team of experts will answer inbound calls, reply to emails, assist with scheduling and make your billing process more efficient. This way, you and your staff can focus time and energy on your appointments.

·         Happier Patients – Patients that call your office will be helped with questions they have and scheduling appointments quickly and easily. This reduces wait time and frustration with being put on hold.

·         Experienced Professional Help – You will work with a team that has expertise in highly demanding medical fields so you know your patients will receive professional support that helps build trust between your office and your patients.

It is important for your patients to receive the care they need. This is especially true when they are visiting the doctor for checkups and physical exams because many patients haven’t seen their physician in years. Making your office more efficient pays dividends by allowing you to help people get top-notch care.

Company Bio

Endicott Comm, Inc. is a leader in the answering service industry and has provided clients with unrivaled assistance and expertise since its establishment in 2007. Endicott and its family of service centers are all HIPAA Compliant and are recertified annually.


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