Plastic Packaging Market in India 2014

NetScribes latest market research report titled Plastic Packaging Market in India 2014 captures the largest segment of the overall domestic plastic packaging market. Plastic is the most common form of packaging being used in recent times because of its unique benefits that are as yet unmatched by other forms of packaging. The emerging retail sector and increased consumerism have provided a boost to the packaging sector, which further stimulates the demand for plastic packaging materials. Accelerated growth in the food and beverage sector, along with rise in demand witnessed within the FMCG sector, pharmaceutical industry, paint and lubricant industry together comprise some of the key factors propelling the plastic packaging sector. However, the industry also has to contend with several bottlenecks. Ban on plastic packaging of certain commodities is increasingly having an adverse impact on the industry. The Indian government is considering a ban on the usage of plastic owing to the potential health hazards arising from use of plastic bottles.

The domestic plastic packaging market is clearly segmented into the organized and unorganized sectors wherein the organized sector caters to the larger industry base that requires plastic packaging. Although the sector comprises both rigid as well as flexible plastics, the preference for flexible packaging over its rigid counterpart has been evident with the passage of time. In-mold label is also gaining popularity within the plastic packaging sector. Technologies using Bio-plastics and nanoparticle layered plastic packaging are slowly gaining prominence. Plastics have increasingly replaced traditional materials in the Indian packaging sector due to their light weight and superior functionality. The Indian plastic packaging market is a robust market at present and has strong growth potential in the upcoming years.


* Overview of Indian packaging industry with Current, historic and forecast values over 2012 to 2018.

* Market Segmentation of organized and unorganized sector and percentage segmentation of packaging types.

* Overview of plastic packaging market in India and forecasted market size data over 2012 to 2018.

* Qualitative analysis of market drivers, challenges and emerging trends in the industry.

* Analysis of the competitive landscape and detailed profiles of major players.

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Plastic Packaging Market in India 2014