Coated Lens and Its Advantages

By employing optical coating and vacuum technology, a substance is coated on the surface of the lens so as to improve its reflection ability and to enhance or weaken its ability of light transmittance. That is called coated lens. Coated lens has a wide and good application among driving glasses, anti-radiation glasses, sport glasses etc.

The types of coated lens include: antireflective coating, anti-radiation coating, UV protection coating, hard coating, hydrophobic coating (HMC), polarized coating, photochromic coating.

The advantages of coated lens:

1. Coated lens can offer the wearer clear vision by decreasing the reflective light and increasing the light transmittance.

2. Coated lens can protect eyes from UV, IR, and gamma rays. Wearing glasses with coated lens can reduce the possibility of feeling eye fatigue and protect eyes of people working in front of fluorescent screens.

3. Coated lens can reduce the amount of reflective light on its surface, which offers a solution for the problem of wearing glasses in the strong sunlight.

4. Coated lens can survive various harsh conditions like high temperature, rain, soaking in the sea water etc.

Note: When wiping the coated lens, you should rinse off the grease spots with neutral detergent.