Which aspects people need to note when they are purchasing the thermal paper roll?

China - Thermal paper roll has been commonly applied into today's supermarket, banks, small distributors and other kind of business centre. However, the quality of this product in the market is very uneven so it is not very easy for purchaser to order the real high grade thermal paper roll. Today, the professional China manufacturer for thermal paper which website is will teach with people three methods about how to identify the quality of this product.


If the paper in the POS paper roll is very white, it is indicate that the protective coating and thermal paper coating is very unreasonable and the surface of this paper has been added onto too much phosphor. The most suitable thermal paper should be slightly display the pan-green. If the paper surface is not very clean looks very uneven, it is indicate that the coating of this paper is very uneven. If the paper has own strong reflective effect, it must be added a plethora of phosphors and the quality is not very good.


The roasted method is very simple. People could heat with the back of the paper by the lighter. If the paper will emerge brown color, it said that the thermal recipe of this paper is not very reasonable and the saving time may be relatively short. If some part of the paper will produce black streaks or uneven color, it could indicate that the coating of the paper is uneven. The better quality paper should occur the dark green color after heating and the color is uniformity and will be gradually faded from the center to the edges.

Identification under the Natural Sunlight

The sunlight contrast identification should be the most convenient way for people to identify the true and false of the printed paper. People could smear the paper in the thermal paper roll with the highlighter which can accelerate the speed of the chemical react between the thermal coating and the sun light. The paper which could quickly become black could indicate that this kind of paper can be saved within a short period of time.

All the above three methods will be very helpful for the purchasers who want to order the related POS paper roll and credit card paper roll. However, the high quality paper roll products could highly reduce the failure rate of the billing printing machine, which is very important for supermarket, banks and other sites. If people want to know more information about the high quality thermal paper roll, please visit website Thermal Paper Roll 80 x 80 .

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