The SEFA Group Celebrates 40 Years of Fly Ash Recycling

LEXINGTON, S.C., April 22, 2016 – Coincidental with Earth Day 2016, The SEFA Group celebrates its 40th anniversary of environmental stewardship. Through partnerships with utility and concrete companies, The SEFA Group has recycled over 19 million tons of coal ash which otherwise would have been disposed in landfills or ponds.

This year, the Company plans to recycle one million tons of ash. As an innovative leader in fly ash beneficiation, The SEFA Group is the only company in the world reclaiming and recycling coal ash from ponds for concrete, enabling beneficial use of the reclaimed product.


With a commitment to environmental responsibility, The SEFA Group developed the proprietary STAR® (Staged Turbulent Air Reactor) process, a thermal beneficiation technology producing sustainable, recycled fly ash. A true advancement in the industry, STAR® generates a high quality mineral material that is re-purposed for use in commercial construction and a variety of other diversified markets.


According to Tom Hendrix, founder and CEO of The SEFA Group, the company dedicates itself to promoting environmental responsibility on multiple levels. “We take great pride in what our team has accomplished in developing multiple plants to operate our STAR® process,” said Hendrix. “Our plants recycle a byproduct of power generation by utilities, and the recycled product also increases the sustainability of roads, bridges, and schools. It’s a sustainability win for our customers, the environment and future generations.”


The SEFA Group

The SEFA Group, a privately-held, South Carolina-based company celebrating 40 years in business, is a premier technical product and service company to the construction and utility industries. The SEFA Group is comprised of fly ash sales and marketing, STAR® Operations, SEFA Industrial Solutions, SEFA Transportation and Spherix® Mineral Products. The Company has plant locations in South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. To learn more about The SEFA Group, visit

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