Advanced Water Filters Announces Filter Mineralization Technology

Scottsdale, Arizona – Advanced Water Filters boasts the best whole house water filter systems available in today’s market. Customers can learn more about these first-rate systems by visiting the company’s detailed, user-friendly website at

The company has taken the high quality products already available and added the extra benefit of mineralization technology, thus, further enhancing the product line. Mineralization technology infuses water filtration systems with essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and other minerals that are naturally found in clean water. This advanced technology purifies the water through reverse osmosis, which takes out harmful toxins and chemicals, while adding good minerals that help to keep customers healthy and thriving.

A variety of whole home water filtration systems can be viewed and compared on the company’s website at so that customers can select the best system. Mineralization technology gives customers the best in water filtration system options by providing clients with both clean and healthy water. These systems are available in different styles to suit the diverse needs of customers.

About Advanced Water Filters:

Advanced Water Filters is a company that has been serving customers in the Scottsdale area since 2009. The company sells and distributes several styles of water purification systems including on sink, under sink as well as whole house structures. The company is a Better Business Bureau accredited business, an honor only given to companies that meet the Better Business Bureau accreditation standards.

Advanced Water Filters offers customers products that use reverse osmosis technology instead of the traditional canister method, which yields better results, cleaner water, and more satisfied customers and families.

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