Premium E-Cigs Online Store Of Steamlite In Now Available In Carlisle With The Best Offers


Carlisle, UK (March 3, 2014): Citizen of Carlisle can buy best quality electronic cigarettes from the feature loaded online mall of SteamLite, the famous electronic cigarette dealers. This company is dedicated to inspire the smokers to switch to a safer and healthier smoking option through their best quality electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes in Carlisle by SteamLite, has been something that smokers have been looking for. Most of the people of this place are eager to adopt the trend to 100% safe e-cigs smoking. Considering this, the professionals of SteamLite have made their grand range of electronic cigarette and e liquids available at an affordable price.

The e cigarette Carlisle company seem to be careful about the specific demands of the smokers. They have invented the Steamlite starter kit for the newbie smokers. The £6.99 amazing pack has already been liked by many. The e liquid special kit worth £19.99 has successfully assisted the fashionable smokers. SteamLite has also introduced, pocket charging e-cigs kits, electronic cigar, standard kit and different flavored electronic cartomizers and e-liquids.

Steamlite sleek looking battery e-cig is specially made to match the demand of electronic cigarette in Carlisle. This unique device is offered with both black and white batteries. This battery electronic cigarette is custom made for the heavy smokers as an extra e-cig, so that they never go out of stock. The battery has a life of 300 charge time. This is an ultimate e-cig that takes two and a half to three hours to get completely charged. The fully puff battery is great in producing almost 250 puffs. However, it depends on the smoker, how deep he or she inhale. SteamLite has always tried to keep a control on the price of their electronic cigarettes. They have not burdened the smokers with a bulky amount, like most of their market rivals.

SteamLite has always been the favorite of the customers. Peter S has gradually become a regular customer of this incredible e-commerce site. Peter confirms, “I have ordered electronic cigarettes from several other stores as well. However, none of them has been so goof like SteamLite. This is really the best company in the country for e-cigs. Their prices are affordable and the qualities are incredible. I get the same level of satisfaction from the e-cigs delivered by this company, like a traditional cigarette. I have recommended this company to many of my friends. Few   of them has already started using them and loved it as well.”

About SteamLite:
UK based online store of e-cigs, SteamLite presents f=different products. This company is lived by the smokers for their amazing product quality.

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