Types of jewellery repairs

Jewellery repair is that process that refers to improving the aspect of a piece of jewellery, with the purpose of making the jewellery usable. Examples of such jewellery repairs that enhance both the appearance and functioning of a piece of jewellery include ring resizing, diamond or gemstone replacement, silver or gold plating, and jewellery refurbishing.

Ring resizing is a pretty simple procedure that refers to increasing or decreasing the size of a ring to fit the finger of its future wearer. Generally, ring resizing is considered when increasing the ring size, not when decreasing it. In just a few words, jewellers who perform such operation first cut the ring, then heat it to a certain temperature, depending on the metal the ring is made of, and resize it to the desired size.

Another common operation performed by professional jewellers is diamond or gemstone replacement. Sometimes, people want to replace an emerald with a ruby, or an oval diamond with a pear diamond. Whether they look for such operation or simply want to have their gemstone or diamond polished, people need to address a specialist that would deliver the desired gemstone or diamond, cut it to specifications and carefully insert it into its rightful location.

Silver, gold, platinum, rhodium, and other metal plating is a method of adding a layer of silver, gold, platinum, rhodium, and so on onto a piece of jewellery, to enhance its appearance or provide it with improved characteristics. As an example, platinum is desired not only because it is an equivalent to luxury and sheer refinement, but also because it features an incredible resistance to wear, tarnish, corrosion and high temperatures.

Other usual types of jewellery repairs refer to elongating or shortening bracelets or necklaces. Just as a ring can be increased or decreased in size, so a bracelet or necklace can be elongated or shortened. Specialists in jewellery that are required to perform such operations first evaluate the piece of jewellery that needs an adjustment and, if a shortening is required, they only remove some parts of the jewellery from it; if the jewellery has to be elongated, they provide the raw material that is needed, cut it to match the existing design of the jewellery and add it to it.

A jewellery setting repair takes place when clasps or prongs do not work as they initially did, or they are either too loose or missing. Professionals can tighten up parts of jewellery or provide their clients with new parts to replace the missing ones. This kind of repairs are frequently combined with jewellery cleaning services, taking into account that the most dirt that gets accumulated on jewellery is located around clasps and prongs.

Jewellery soldering or welding is the procedure that unites various parts of a jewellery through the use of an open flame torch that creates extremely high temperatures. Welding parts of a jewellery correctly requires a lot of expertise and the right tools, therefore this procedure must be undertaken only by a professional.

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