"Cleaner to the Pros" Keith Middlebrook, is well known for cleaning the credit of celebrities across the globe.  Lately, however, he has been receiving outstanding recommendations from government officials, federal agents, and public service employees such as police Captains.

The latest supporter of the Keith Middlebrook owned companies, FICO Financial Services and Elite Platinum Portfolios, is a current Captain in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. His name is Reginald G. Stephan and he recently sent out a letter describing his experience.

We transcribed the letter below:

January 07, 2014



 Elite Platinum Portfolios

 To Whom It May Concern:


Anyone who understands how
financial wealth truly works can tell you how excellent credit is an important
asset, and a required foundation that will fuel your future wealth.  Keith Middlebrook is an excellent ambassador
of the principles of finance to the common man. 
Without his services I’m honestly not sure where I would be at this
point in my life financially, and I thank God every day for bringing Keith
Middlebrook into my life and helping me attain the blessings I now enjoy every

Just for an understanding of
where I’m coming from professionally, here’s a quick background on my
career.  I started my career in 1995 in
the Patrols Special Problems Unit of the Fort Lauderdale Police
Department.  After two years in patrols I
transferred to the Ft. Lauderdale Narcotics Unit.  In 2002 I received a promotion to Patrol
Operations Sergeant. Finally, four years later I was promoted again this time
to Captain.  Most would say I have a
fairly stable background yet I still found myself in financial hardships due to
poor credit just like so many others.

Keith Middlebrook showed me the
power of having excellent credit in today’s financial world.  Buying a car, buying a house, opening a bank
account, all of these events plus every move in today’s business world, will
absolutely require a credit check.  All
of these important life events are made possible, and much easier, if you have
great credit; and I thank Keith for working so hard and so fast to hit the
reset button on my financial freedom, and making my credit concerns a thing of
the past, to allow my businesses to grow into the real game of wealth.  I would like anyone who reads this to
consider this letter as my personal testimonial, and endorsement of Keith
Middlebrook’s financial services.  Keith
Middlebrook is the real deal, and if you are finding yourself held back because
of credit issues, I HIGHLY recommend you contact Keith Middlebrook.


Reginald G. Stephan

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