Fortiva Financial Offers Loan for Home Improvement

Fortiva Financial, a leading credit company now provides special furniture financing and loans for home improvement. The company not just provides credit lending facilities to individuals with good score- it also offers loans for furniture and retail for individuals with low credit score. Fortiva Financial home improvement loans also include a range of other services such as comprehensive record keeping and reporting, access to branded financial products, customized pricing and quality monitoring. The company also provides medical financial aid for patient and retail financing services. 

The spokesperson elaborated the following on loans for improving home décor and buying furniture, “By collaborating with Fortiva, clients can get furniture financing and home improvement facilities, which can help them, revamp their homes. Currently, furniture is one of the most expensive products in the market. But through these special loans, clients can revamp their homes and increase the overall value of their property. These loans are provided with a range of other facilities, such as branded financial products, custom prices, quality monitoring, record keeping and reporting, POS integrated solutions and other services to ensure that clients can get customized and personalized services.”

Apart from finances for home improvement, Fortiva Financial also involves retail financing and has partnership collaborations. These personalized financial services can be availed by potential retailers by filing a form. For the same, retailers simply have to create an account, provide location setup, contract number, address and details of business. Through retail financing, the company offers sales and marketing services. These services are discussed and customized upon the policy of retailer, location of store(s), credits, previous turnovers of retailers and other related factors. Designated retail partners can access details through special accounts and dealings. These services operate on mutual profit basis.

With more than 15 years of experience, Fortiva Financial offers an array of credit lending services for home improvement, retail financing and medical financing services. Till date, the company has served more than 13 million customers and credited over 15 billion dollars in form of receivables. 

The spokesperson added, “At Fortiva Financial, our endeavor is to provide credit lending facilities to retailers and homeowners, even those with low credit scores. At the same time, we aim for a long term partnership with our clients. That’s why we try to provide innovative, complementary services for financing furniture and improving home value.”

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With more than 15 years of experience, Fortiva Financial is known for providing credit to individuals with bad scores. They are known for their variety of credit score mechanisms and personalized loan provisions. The company offers special finances for furniture, medical facilities and retail financing.

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