Be careful when considering unique diamond fancy rings

A unique diamond fancy ring is indeed unique. These are rings that are very uncommon. What makes unique diamond fancy rings is the color of the diamond that adorns these rings. While there are many jewelers that sell these rings you have to be extremely cautious when buying because it is easy to get fooled by some unscrupulous jeweler. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on one such ring only to be told later that you didn’t buy a real diamond at all.

Diamonds are usually white or clear in color. However, about 1 in 10,000 diamonds possesses a natural color that is not white or clear. The distribution and intensity of the color of fancy diamonds is seen to be believed and this is why unique diamond fancy rings are so much in demand. Most of the colored diamonds that one sees are colored in labs using chemical techniques. Such diamonds are also expensive but they are not natural fancy diamonds.

When you wish to purchase a unique diamond fancy ring you need to focus more on the color of the diamond and less on the cut and clarity. A fancy diamond has the deepest and more intense colors. The more intense and rich the color the rarer is the diamond and the more expensive it is. There are various grades of fancy diamonds that are faint, light (or very light), fancy, (with its light and intense variations), fancy vivid and dark and also fancy deep. When you look at fancy diamonds in different shades you get to see the difference between these grades.

The carat of these diamonds is obviously important in the sense that the larger diamonds are rarer and more expensive. What is not so important is the clarity because fancy diamonds have their natural colors that need to show. The cutting of these diamonds is also done keeping in mind that the color needs to be showcased more than brilliance. This is different from the cut of natural colorless diamonds where brilliance is the most important criteria. The shape of these diamonds may also be non-traditional simply to enhance their colors.

As far as buying unique diamond fancy rings is concerned you have to buy from a well known jeweler. It must be noted that not all jewelers have enough stocks of these rings and you may need to search quite a bit to find that unique diamond fancy ring. And when you see these rings you may even want to speak to the jeweler and ask them whether it is a natural fancy diamond you are looking at or a chemically created one.

You will be very happy when you are able to buy a unique diamond fancy ring but ensure that you are sure about your purchase. People spend a lot on what they think are unique diamond fancy rings when they shouldn’t. Search for a long time if required but search properly. This is the only way to buy these rare and unique diamond rings.

unique diamond fancy ring is really unique due to the diamond. There are some jewelers that stock unique diamond fancy rings but you should always be careful before you pay for one.