Line Rate, L2-L7, High-Performance Packet Visibility at the Price of a Switch

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WHEN: Until December 31, 2014, first comes first served
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According to Network World, the networks in 2015 and beyond will face one or more of these challenges:
• Ensuring high-availability (uptime)
• Protecting against data breaches/leaks
• Maintaining business continuity
• Optimizing end-to-end IT infrastructure

Any of the above requires a Unified Network Visibility solution, a single-pane, comprehensive view into your network management and monitoring infrastructure, one that can see everything anywhere on the network – a systems view.

YES provides dynamic, high-performance packet visibility at the price of a switch, but that isn't all. It redefines the economics of monitoring infrastructure – reducing CapEx and OpEx is just the beginning. At just $19,995, it scales performance and security tools from 1G to 10G and beyond, shielding systems from attack and providing full-line rate access to network traffic without operational complexity.

With the new Optimizer 2400, as part of the bundle, YES helps organizations get ready for 2015 by delivering the following benefits: 
  • ƒGain intelligent and optimized network packet visibility and access
  • ƒBuild unlimited and dynamic monitoring coverage
  • ƒSet automatic responses to changing network equipment and bandwidth conditions
  • Plug and play installation
  • ƒCentrally, remotely, and/or locally manage network intelligence and access
  • ƒLow latency throughput to monitor output
  • ƒComplete data access at full line-rates
  • ƒBoost efficiency of analytic and forensic tools

Time is of the essence. Act now to lock in this limited, one-time offer. *Bundle prices available only in U.S. and Canada until December 31, 2014.