With over 85% of college graduates moving back in with their parents, what can college kids do to stand out from their peers to get an edge?

The perfect person to answer that question is a successful entrepreneur and recent college graduate himself, Mark A. Lack. Mark is known as The Preeminent Peak Performance Coach for young adults. In his new book SHORTEN THE GAP – Short Cuts to Success and Happiness, Mark shares the most effective proven methods to rapidly "Shorten The Gap" from where you are today and where you would like to be in the future. Learn how to overcome your uncertainties, limiting beliefs, and crush sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back from creating your ideal life, relationships, financial freedom, and quality of life that you deserve. Experts are calling this book “personal development on steroids”.

SHORTEN THE GAP eloquently and efficiently breaks down how to:

- Achieve any goal 3 to 5 times faster 

- Get your way more often through Influence and Persuasion tactics 

- Overcome your fears, uncertainties and self-doubts

- Discover your purpose and begin living a fulfilling life

- Build deep and meaningful relationships 

- Empower yourself and others with unstoppable and infectious confidence and certainty 

- Take control of your destiny and build the life of your dreams

About the author:

Mark A. Lack is the Founder and CEO of The Peak Performance Club, which is the Preeminent Coaching Company for Young Adults. Mark is an entrepreneur, author, and peak-performance coach who specializes in helping young adults recognize and overcome their challenges or perceived limitations to create extraordinary results in both their personal and professional life. 

Having invested over $500,000 in his own personal and professional growth, today Mark shares his knowledge, strategies and proven success process to help young adults achieve their full potential in a fraction of the time it normally takes.


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