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Sumedang (April 8, 2014) - Reza Akhmad Syahban, the well known online blogger from Sumedang, West Java, has introduced an amazing web based platform called,, which is dedicated to help the SEO practitioners and web page owners. This online blog page has come up with different kind of SEO related dissuasions, after going through an extensive research on each of the topics.

This web based blog forum totally understands that, becoming An Parker SEO is not easy. Keeping this in mind, this page has been categorized in different sections, like, Learning SEO Guide, Social Media Tips, Free Online Learning, Learning Blogging Scratch Strikeout etc. to facilitate the readers.  Besides that, the web based blog has come up with amazingly effective 6 SEO techniques to upgrade the conventional online practicing. The basic techniques include, optimizing your Title Tag, Creating a Meta description, Adding ALT Tag to the images, developing a sitemap, internal link building, and updating the website on daily basis.

Added to all these, the web blog has provided extra emphasis on the link building techniques for the betterment of the web pages. The researcher of the blog has given equal importance to the back links as well. In fact, the blogger has identified 3 effective techniques of quality link building through, Guest Posts, Feeder sites, asking friends to include the particular link.

The web discussion of the blog has also discussed the importance of Alexa Rank. The expert of this internet based platform has identified effective ways to increase the Alexa Ranking of the pages. According to the web expert, this particular ranking can be up graded with the help of consistent page up gradation, resourcing the web page with high quality content, and providing special benefits to the visitors. Most importantly, the company has come up with complete SEO directory, loaded with frequently used SEO terms. This is aimed to assist the budding web page owners and SEO performers to stay in the flow. has been appreciated by thousands of visitors for the effective tips and guidance. Peter Thomas is a regular visitor of this page. He states, “The web page ranking of my company has gone higher ever since, I started following the discussions of This web page has actually come up with real good ideas of doing well in the SEO field. Besides that, I have included the concept of special benefits for the visitors of my business webpage, as per the instruction of this blog. This special feature has helped my amazingly to gather more significant and effective leads for my business.”

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