The Chest Muscle Groups

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Some even do not stop at this point and chest muscle groups running-back.

The aim should be changed in two different muscle group is to work without a break.

American scientists a little more of his experiments

Scientists over 10 students, average age 21 2-4 days per week up to 6 months of weight training a work force made.

The subjects were two training programs apply.

All the muscle groups in one day running a super-set of the system was done with the training. The following table shows the different training was investigated and the volume.


6 kinds of exercise, subjects were conducted between 4 and 10 again. 1 RM (maximum force application) from the account of the experience of 70% was applied force and were given one minute rest break.

Subjects on super-set training, other training compared to those who have spent more energy per minute. In the table below are described with numbers.

Super-set workout lasted 31 minutes. Other free practice 40 minutes. Scientists in both groups, approximately an equal amount of energy as 250 calories that you burn calories by spending saw.

Equal and so far everything seems to be normal. After training which was interesting differences. Terminated within the first hour after training and after the measured energy level and calories burned ratio was calculated.