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Government policy structure and growth measures for renewables play an important role in renewable energy development. Renewable support schemes such as Feed-in Tariffs (FiT), quota obligations, capital grants, and subsidies have been instrumental in promoting the growth of the renewable energy industry in various European countries. Additionally, governments in certain countries provide sector-specific support schemes such as premium tariffs and technology-specific funds, in order to promote key renewable technologies.

Of the various support mechanisms in Europe, FiTs have emerged as a particularly effective way of promoting the renewable industry. The technologies that have benefited most from these tariffs are wind and solar power. FiTs are being used to promote renewable energy in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, The UK, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands and Turkey. The governments of some European countries are utilizing both quota obligations and FiTs to develop the renewable energy sector. Italy and the UK are two such countries.

The "Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014", presents an in-depth analysis of the renewable energy policies across the major countries in Europe namely Germany, France, Italy, The UK, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden And Turkey. The report provides current and future renewable energy targets and plans along with the present policy framework, giving information on overall growth potential of their renewable energy industry. Major technology specific policies and incentives are also provided in each of these countries. Finally, the report shows insights to major policy

initiatives for the market development of renewable energy sources such as Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biopower and Biofuels.

Reasons to Buy

  • Policy Measures And Incentives used by the major countries in Europe region to promote renewable energy
  • Promotional measures in different countries both for the overall renewable energy industry and for specific renewable energy technologies namely Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro And Bioenergy
  • Highlights of the differences and focus of the Renewable Energy Policy Frameworks in different countries in Europe
  • A platform for comparison of various renewable energy policies across countries. Major countries include Germany, France, Italy, The UK, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden And Turkey.

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