“Maci's Magic Hairbrush” Book Launch Begins the Journey of Girls Loving Their Natural Hair

HOUSTON, TX – JANUARY 28, 2013 –  The launch for author Kris Anise Broussard’s debut children’s book, Maci’s Magic Hairbrush, will held on Friday, January 31 at 7:30 p.m. at Natural Resources Salon, located at 5313 Morningside Dr., Houston, TX. Maci’s Magic Hairbrush, the first book in a new series for children, encourages self-esteem, fosters a love of reading and prompts critical thinking skills. The book introduces Maci, a girl who questions her beauty until she learns to embrace her own unique qualities through the love of her hair. 

What began as a self-esteem boost related to Broussard’s own daughter’s concerns about her hair, Maci’s Magic Hairbrush sends a message to girls who are struggling with self-esteem issues to recognize their own beauty, inside and out.

“My goal with this book and the entire series is to present a tool to build self-esteem and a love for reading through cultural awareness and appreciation,” says Broussard. “My daughter had struggles loving her natural hair. Seeing this and hearing other mothers’ stories, I wanted to give something to little girls who may not see their own beauty as they often see images that convey that beauty is something other than what they are.”

In addition, Broussard encourages critical thinking by including a list of questions for readers to ‘grow on’ at the back of each book. The questions help readers reflect on the message of each story.

With humor, heart, and plenty of fabulous hair, Maci’s Magic Hairbrush is certain to capture the imagination of girls everywhere, while teaching them how to celebrate their own wonderful individuality. The playful, poignant “pony tale” is guaranteed to launch a lifetime of positive self-esteem, one pretty curl at a time.

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About the Book

Maci does not like her own wayward curls…and has a dream about a magic hairbrush that transforms her hair into the styles of each one of her friends. She comes to realize that her friends’ hair might be perfect for them, but her own hair is the perfect hair for her. This invaluable lesson on personal beauty gives her a new confidence in her own curls. Ultimately, she appreciates her hair and its versatility and comes to understand why she should be proud of and love her hair.

Maci’s Magic Hairbrush

By Kris Anise Broussard

Illustrated by Dionne Green

ISBN 1484095642

Children’s Juvenile Fiction – Self-Esteem

About the Author

Kristen Broussard is a writer, journalist, founder of Bliss The Magazine and author of the novel What Looks Like Black. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in creative writing. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she currently resides outside of Houston, Texas, and is married with one daughter and one son.