TheraSpecs’ New Pediatric Frames Provide Relief for Children with Light Sensitivities

The new Junior TheraSpecs help filter the light, particularly fluorescent lighting, known to aggravate migraines, headaches, eyestrain, and sensory processing disorders in children

TheraSpecs, precision-tinted eyewear for individuals with light sensitivities, today announced the release of its Junior TheraSpecs in advance of the American Headache Society’s 56th Annual Scientific Meeting. The new child-sized glasses were designed to fit children ages four to eight, and provide relief and protection from light-induced pain, headache, migraine, eye strain, and other problems caused by fluorescent lighting, computer and device screens, or sunlight. The new Junior TheraSpecs will be on display at the Annual Scientific Meeting at the TheraSpecs booth (#146)

Photophobia, eye discomfort and intolerance to light, particularly fluorescent lighting, impacts millions of children, and is commonly seen in individuals on the autism spectrum or with a sensory processing disorder. One major contributor is fluorescent lighting, which children are subject to during the school day. This sensitivity to light can often trigger headache, migraine, pain, eye strain, and behavioral issues. Junior TheraSpecs use precision-tinted, therapeutic lenses to filter out the light that can trigger or worsen these symptoms. The new pediatric frames feature the same wrap design and flexible, lightweight, yet durable nylon material that made the original Wrap TheraSpecs popular in order to offer the same balance of comfort and protection to children.

“The evolution of Junior TheraSpecs has been a rewarding effort,” said Hart Shafer, founder and CEO of TheraSpecs. “We knew that we eventually wanted to create a child-appropriate frame, but it was the parents who gave us extra motivation. We’ve had countless parents ask if we could design a solution to provide their children relief from light, particularly fluorescent light, and we’re proud to say we found one. Junior TheraSpecs will make a lasting impression in many children’s day-to-day comfort and overall well-being.”

“As a parent of two children on the autism spectrum with light sensitivities, TheraSpecs has provided relief for them and peace of mind for me,” said Samone Breaux, TheraSpecs customer. “Lighting, particularly fluorescent, triggers chronic headache for my son, and behavior changes in my daughter who has a sensory processing disorder. When they wear their TheraSpecs eyewear, light-related headaches are eliminated, and the change in my daughter’s behavior is remarkable. Since they are both highly sensitive, the lightweight frames ensure comfort and that they will actually wear them. ”

Junior TheraSpecs eyewear was crafted to ensure the child’s comfort, and the lenses were made to be more resistant to shattering on impact than a normal plastic lenses. The new junior frames are made for children ages four to eight, but the lenses can also be customized to fit into any frame.

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About TheraSpecs

Founded in 2012, TheraSpecs is a Phoenix-based company focused on eyewear for migraine, headache, fluorescent light sensitivity, visual sensory disorders, and other conditions. TheraSpecs offers a variety of indoor and outdoor eyewear for both adults and children with therapeutic lenses proven to reduce pain and provide more relief than standard tinted lenses. To learn more about TheraSpecs or to order now, please visit