New FREE Professional Design Consultation for Curved Drapery Hardware

Curved drapery rods can not only be hard to find, they can be a challenge to have custom made. Since most windows are not the same, it requires a company that really knows what they are doing to get things made right.

At Continental Window Fashions, we now offer a FREE professional design consultation to assist you with all of your curved drapery hardware needs.  We specialize in custom bending and curving of curtain rods and have worked with hundreds of clients, curving or bending drapery rods in order to fit both bay and bow (turret) windows.

We specialize in hard to find curved metal or wrought iron decorative rods.  Each curtain rod is custom hand curved or bent by a true drapery hardware craftsman to the exact specifications of your window.  You can trust us to make sure your drapery rod is made correctly and is of the highest quality material and design in the industry.  We pride ourselves of being one of the only companies that can get something like this made for your home on those difficult to cover windows.  Free over the phone consultations are available.  Call us and find out why hundreds of customers have selected us to solve their challenging window hardware needs.

The types of decorative drapery rods we curve include round wrought iron rods, round hammered rods, solid round drapery rods, solid round hammered rods, twist hollow curtain rods, twist hammered curtain rods, and rope curtain rods.  These rods can be made in numerous different sizes and dozens of colors.

One of our biggest sellers is the basic traverse rod for bay and bow windows. They are functional, serve their purpose, and by putting up a decorative curved rod you immediately change the look from ordinary to extraordinary.

At Continental Window Fashions we have the utmost confidence to take you through every step necessary to get your custom curved rod made and delivered right to your door. Give us a call and find out why we were featured in a NY Times article all about covering turret windows with curved or bent drapery rods.

NY TIMES article:

Curved Drapery Hardware Consultation:  Contact our professional experts today and receive a FREE professional design consultation to help you decorate your window with the beautiful drapery of your choice.

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