Electronic Cigarette - Healthy Alternative For Cigarettes

The regulation on tobacco usage across the globe at present is mainly due to it’s health effects. These regulations target all the traditional forms of tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars. Such regulations have enhanced consumer awareness and that is why people these days are looking for alternative forms of adult tobacco products. Some of these tobacco and nicotine products such as vaporizers, digital or electronic cigarettes are potentially safer devices. This is because these products do not produce a combustible “smoke” like traditionally burned cigarettes. They are also tar free unlike cigars/cigarettes where tar is a by-product of burning tobacco.

E-cigarette in brief:

E cigarettes are alternative smoking devices that contain a small battery for the conversion of a liquid. The liquid is held in a small cartridge and is vaporised into a water-based mist through battery power. The cartridges contain tobacco-based nicotine, and sometimes flavourings and propellants. Externally it resembles that of a regular cigarette only that it looks like a glass or plastic rod.

Is an e-cigarette safer than a traditional cigarette?

Some health professionals aver that nicotine vapour products are a highly risk-reduced method of nicotine use. These devices pose no threat to a passive smoker as well. No wonder they have been helping in the reduction of usage of traditional forms of tobacco with more serious health risks. The FDA of USA had stated in 2011 that e-cigarettes will be regulated as a tobacco product. Besides, there are no rules that restrict the usage of e cigarettes either publicly or privately.

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes such as e Shisha promote their products as vials that can mimic the sensation of smoking but do not expose a smoker to the dangerous chemicals. This is because the product uses liquid nicotine as the main stimulant and it is far less harmful than a tobacco stick such as a regular cigar or cigarette. That is why manufacturers of e cigs and liquid cartridge makers state that this is a new and potentially safe way to smoke.

E cigarettes allow adults to use nicotine and tobacco products in any place even if it is a public place; so these can be carried to places where cigarettes are banned. That is why e cigarettes with less nicotine content are great to fight nasty withdrawal symptoms and one can take their help to quit smoking for life.

The best part about using e-cigarettes is that they pose no potential risks to users. So these can be passed off as safe tobacco vials that are way less toxic than a traditional cigarette. Besides those who are looking to stop smoking can indulge into this without much ado as they are far more effective than medications and other NRTs available in the market. One can easily buy electronic cigarettes online from stores; they are also available at popular online pharmacies where buyers can reap the benefits of free home delivery as well.