China ATM Market (Automatic Teller Machine) by 2018: Forecasts, Analysis and Growth

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Since 2013, China’s ATM industry has entered into golden development period, and the growth of ATM accessing to banking network set a new historical record in 2013. According to the report of the Overall Operation Situation of Payment System in 2013 issued by the People’s Bank of China, by the end of 2013, there were total 520,000 sets of ATMs on banking network, 104,400 sets higher than the end of last year, which was 415,600 sets, and the growth rate reached 25.12%, improving slightly compared that of last year, which was 24.21%. China’s ATM market has maintained a stable and robust development trend. Now, China has outraced America and become the biggest ATM market in the world.

In the aspect of ATM per capita, according to 1.36 billion China’s population confirmed by the government, now ATM allocated to per million people amount to 382 sets in China, improving prominently compared that of 2012, which was 307 sets per million people. More importantly, this number has surpassed the world average level (that is 346 sets pre million people) for the first time. Although there are major gaps between China and European countries which is 786 sets per million people as well as America which is 1376 sets per million people, this number surely can be regarded as an important milestone in the development of China’s ATM industry.

In addition, according to the latest Overall Operation Situation of Payment System in the Second Quarter of 2014 issued by the People’s Bank of China, now China owns total 560,700 ATMs, and each ATM can provide services for 8096 bank cards.

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 At present, main ATM suppliers in China are GRG Banking, Hitachi, Yihua Computer, NCR, Diebold, OKI, Wincor Nixdorf, and Eastcom, etc. According to the ranking of various enterprises in terms of market sales in 2013, the top five were GRG Banking, Hitachi, Yihua Computer, NCR, and Diebold, of which GRG Banking has ranked the top in China’s ATM market with 19,940 sales in 2013, taking up 23.28% market share, and it has maintained the championship for six consecutive years.

Huidian Research believes that China’s ATM market will keep a stable development with the annual growth rate reaching around 20%. And this growth rate will be seen in future 3 to 5 years due to the gaps with developed countries regarding ATM per capita and the huge potential of China’s market.

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 Analysis on Global Major ATM Manufacturing Enterprises
4.1 Anxun (Beijing) Financial Equipment System Co., Ltd.
4.1.1 Company Profile
4.1.2 Business Performance
4.1.3 ATM Business in China
4.2 Diebold Financial Equipment Co., Ltd.
4.2.1 Company Profile
4.2.2 Business Performance
4.2.3 ATM Business in China
4.3 Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH
4.3.1 Company Profile
4.3.2 Business Performance
4.3.3 ATM Business in China
4.4 Hitachi, Ltd.
4.4.1 Company Profile
4.4.2 Business Performance
4.4.3 ATM Business in China
4.5 Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
4.5.1 Company Profile
4.5.2 Business Performance
4.5.3 Business Revenue Composition
4.5.4 ATM Business in China

Analysis on Operation Conditions of Chinese ATM Manufacturing Enterprises
5.1 GRG Banking Equipment Co., Ltd
5.1.1 Company Profile
5.1.2 Business Performance
5.1.3 Main Business Composition
5.1.4 ATM Business Development
5.2 Guangzhou King Teller Technology Co., Ltd
5.2.1 Company Profile
5.2.2 Business Performance
5.2.3 Main Business Composition
5.2.4 ATM Business Development
5.3 Shenzhen Yihua Computer Co., Ltd
5.3.1 Company Profile
5.3.2 Business Performance
5.3.3 ATM Business
5.4 Eastcom Communications Co., Ltd
5.4.1 Company Profile
5.4.2 Business Performance
5.4.3 Main Business Composition
5.4.4 ATM Business
5.5 Cashway Technology Co., Ltd
5.5.1 Company Profile
5.5.2 ATM Business
5.6 Digital China Jinxin Technology Co., Ltd
5.6.1 Company Profile
5.6.2 ATM Business


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