In Summer Heat, Lasko Steps Up with Motion Air

When a standard fan just won’t get it done, it’s time to step up to the Motion Air Whole Room Air Circulator. With a multi-angle, powerful air flow, it’s great for family rooms, kitchens, home gyms, and other tough rooms to keep comfortable.


The Motion Air is a fan like no other. This high performance fan is engineered with 3D Motion Air for full-room air currents directed by power-controlled louvers. It delivers 40% more air than ordinary tower fans, but uses a similar space-saving design, making it great for the limited real estate in crowded spaces. On-board remote storage helps you keep from losing the fan’s control, and its 7-hour timer gives you custom comfort without distracting from the task at hand.   “The Motion Air’s stylish exterior can be misleading”, says Inger Heller, director of marketing at Lasko, “its powerful performance takes many by surprise.”  Now that’s sounds cool.


And if energy savings is a top priority in your home, using fans is a great solution.  In the spring and fall, use a fan to circulate indoor air with or without the windows open – no air conditioning needed at all.  In the summer, a fan can provide an added bonus with air conditioning.  If used together with A/C, it can boost the circulation of the cooled air, provide an additional wind chill, and allow you to turn the temperature up on the thermostat, saving money.  How cool is that!


The Motion Air Whole Room Air Circulator (model C27100) is available now at retail stores across the USA plus online retailers.