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Florida, USA (April 17, 2014) - is considered to be the widest online platform for roleplayers. This web based company has been highly regarded for their level of activity. Every month, this RP forum introduces an amazing opportunity of winning a 30 day VIP status. Users simply need to ‘Like’ the fan page of the best role play site, to win this opportunity. is well equipped with highly skilled professionals of the industry, who are consistently focused on growing. Last years, the company was rated as the 4,000,000th largest site on the global basis. However, this year the company has set the target of being among the 100,000 largest sites in the world. This company has facilitated their viewers, who have liked the fan page of the RP site, by automatically entitling them to enter the winning gallery of 30 days VIP status.

Users can create a role on their own on this page. This company also inspires the users to advertise their respective role pays.  People can also join a role pay that is already created by others, on this RP site. has introduced several genres of role plays, starting from animal, superhero, werewolf, private, super natural to fantasy and realistic. One of the executive members of the company comments, “We have categorized the genres, as per the preferences of the viewers.” The best RP site has come up with a vibrant gallery of characters, based on the specifications of the users. The team has come up with highly celebrated characters like, Gordon Scott Hans, Osuka, Sage Ruuso, Remy Lemont, Evangeline Aeternus, Sanade Nishijuma, Josephine b Darius and many more.

Apart from that, the role play site has introduced different set of groups to the customers. Besides all these, the viewers can have a look at the list of registered members, current members, and notable members of the company, through the user friendly web page. has been widely appreciated by the users. John is a daily subscriber of this RP site. He comments, “I love the facilities of I think this is the only role play destination on internet that offers such options. I have created my own role here and also joined other role plays. This is really interesting. I am also counting on my chances, for winning a 30 days VIP status on this page, by simply liking the fan page. I am regular on this page, and have suggested many of my friends to join this.”

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