The brief introduction of the history and development of Russia oil painting

Russia - Russia is the country where is rich with the famous oil painting schools and oil painting masterpieces. It would be the dream of each oil painting lover and collector to own one piece of Russia masterpiece reproduction. Today, in order to let oil painting lovers know more information about the Russia oil painting, the artist from which is the best online store for all kinds of masterpiece reproduction will give people a basically description about the history of the Russia oil painting.

If people want to understand the characteristics of Russian oil painting, it is necessary to understand the process and history of its development. From the historical record, the development of Russian oil painting has gone through several important stages. At the early 18th century, Peter the Great promoted the full implementation of reformation in Russia and he sent many talented young artists to abroad to study oil painting. After their studies abroad, these experienced painters had become bone strength of Russian painting.

At the period of Katrina I, the classical college painting school had also taken root on Russian soil. In the middle of the 18 Century, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg had been established where had cultivated a group of local oil paintings artists. At this time, the Russia oil painting had started with a distinctive local characteristic.

By the middle of the 19th century, the oil painting had gradually become the mainstream oil painting for sale of the Russian literary. In the meantime, it had emerged many famous artist groups which could compare favorable with the French painting school. After the October Revolution, the mainstream of the oil painting had turned to the socialist realist painting school. In the course of development of the 300 years¡¯ Russian oil painting, the Repin who was the representative of the Russian 19th century painting roving exhibitions should be the most far-reaching Russia oil painting school. Today, this oil painting school still occupies the leading position of the Russia's oil painting style.

By the statics from, the value of Russian oil painting has gradually started to get market recognition in recent years. It is reported that the price of the Russia oil painting has obtaining great increasing in the international market. The Sotheby's and Christie's auction has constantly refreshed the transaction price and turnover rate of the Russia oil painting.

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