keyboard_arrow_up Releases Free Writing Tips for Ph.D and Master Students announces release of its student- focused and academically geared free writing tips for Ph.D and students pursing Masters Degree in any discipline. The main areas in which these writing tips gain credibility and utility are in academic domains of Dissertation writing, Thesis writing and other genres of high quality writing wherein excellent craftsmanship, genuine and original deliberations and adherence to writing mechanics, University Guidelines and Requirements are overarching and predominant factors, which contribute significantly to the final evaluation and grading. has been at the forefront of academic writing for quite some time and it has earned its golden spurs through sheer creativity, enterprise and assiduousness. One of the most important aspects that this website emphasizes is the genuineness and originality of the dissertation writing. While it is often important and necessary to refer to a plethora of referenced works when scaffolding the dissertation, it is equally important that no words or ideas are borrowed. In other words, the presentation needs to bear the distinctiveness and originality of the wordsmith and needs to be free of any kind of imitation, whether in words or ideas. Should, however, recourse be made to somebody else’s works, this author must take necessary pains to ensure that it is duly acknowledged, both in text and in the Bibliography sections. has always believed that dissertation writing is both an art and science. It is both an artistic science and scientific arts. It is art since it can be perfected and rendered excellent through practice and diligence, adding the final perfect strokes to a masterpiece dissertation writing. It is a science since it needs follows scientific rigor, rules and mechanics of the paper and also those of English Language in many sub domains. It is also a product of creativity, enthusiasm and renditions. Indeed it is a piece-de-resistance, which has been honed to perfection through excellence and need for perfect quality.


Since dissertation essays and thesis writings are works of art, they need to be planned and executed with utmost care and perfect consideration. It needs great deal of planning, processing, initial drafts, modifications, final drafts and finally the skeleton paper on which the final form could be modeled and worked out with dedication and diligence. No two dissertation papers should be identical, even if they deal with the same topic. This can be brought about by consulting a wide and diverse range of deliberations and researches, academic books, white papers and other source materials that deal with all aspects and perspectives of the topic under dissertation and adherence to dictates of original writing habits.

Finally, it is also important that dissertations and thesis writings are able to stimulate critical thinking in the psyches of their readers. A dissertation that fails to stimulate, stir and rouse interest and curiosity of its readers needs to be rebuilt. The reaffirmation, or negation of research hypothesis and supporting arguments that lend support and credence, needs to be clearly and convincingly brought forth with vividness, dexterity and clarity and offer conclusive evidence of the paper.


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