Xavier Paul Cadeau Jr Is Considered To Be A Voice-Over Legend


New York, NY (March 22, 2014) – is proud to feature Xavier Paul Cadeau Jr, who is the voice behind famous promos and events. He is back in action. Xavier is a voice-over legend, who is been the backbone behind the all new Rockstar Video Game!

Versatile voiceover artist, Xavier has been featured in various occasions, hosting BET, Sci-Fi Channel, Fox Family Channel and CNN international. He has been providing the back ground voice supply for National Network Commercial Campaigns, innumerable Television shows, promos from last two decades. He has been associated with the prestigious logos, like Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs Cereal, Colt 45Malt Liquor, Foot Locker, Pepsi etc. For Burger King he is featuring the Harlem Globetrotters. Michael Jordan is being featured by him in Gatorade. The voiceover solutions of the legendary artist have been the background voice of the HBO Boxing promo of Hopkins Vs Dawson’s.

Apart from these magnificent events, he is been coupled with "Grand Theft Auto IV” and has got the optimized customer attention. He is playing the new character in the new animated series. Moreover, the voice over coaching expert is featured in the recent events of History Channel’s UFO Files, where he is playing the role of a narrator. Xavier is a celebrated voice-over artist, who is providing the vocal support in the National Network TV spots for Zocor (Heart Medication), where he is featuring American football coach Dan Reeves.

Special Voiceover Coaching services are offered by the wonderful voice artist. The services include, demo production, audio editing, voice over coaching and many more. The voice assessment session is specially been designed to facilitate people to understand their present positions and scopes of improvements. This process can be done virtually through Skype of phone.

Xavier, the magician with voice says, “The voice is truly the mirror to the soul”. Keeping this philosophy alive, he has been loved and appreciated by countless people. According to Jones M, an associate in the same industry states, “Xavier is an exceptional Voice-over coach who is truly empowering. He will equip you with the tools needed to improve performance, as well as help you navigate your career to move to the next level! Xavier's in studio skills are among the best in the industry. He has the natural voice over techniques that create and all new environments. The best part about him is his training techniques. He is absolutely brilliant in helping other to shape up their careers, like his own."

About Xavier Paul Cadeau Jr:
Xavier Paul Cadeau Jr is a terrific voice artist. He has been a celebrated personality in the voice over industry.
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Xavier Paul Cadeau Jr